The construction entrepreneurship activities of our company started in 1975 with the construction of several bridges on the Zanjan-Bijar road, and continued with the following projects:

  • Customs buildings in Kerman
  • Construction of the 24-hour orphanage of Sirjan
  • Construction of the slaughterhouse building and ring road of the Lorestan meat plant
  • Overhaul of the palace of the Ministry of Finance in Tehran
  • Construction of the first natural gas refueling station in Shiraz
  • Construction of the main road linking the Sarakhs-Mashhad road to the Khangiran gas refinery
  • Construction of the Ziveh-Nar Qeshlaqi secondary road in present-day Ardabil province
  • Construction of the Sirjan, Rafsanjan and Baft Power Company buildings
  • Construction of the headquarters building of the gendarmerie of Kerman regiment

The above-mentioned projects are the works carried out by the companies Peyman Mohandesin and then Stratus before the Revolution.

After the Islamic revolution of 1979, projects such as:

  • The Ardabil to Khalkhal road
  • The road replacing the Sain pass route
  • the Esfrain – Bojnoord road
  • The Esfrain – Sankhast road
  • The Sultan Abad – Shafi Abad road
  • The Qom – Kashan highway

Are among the projects of the period after the Revolution until 1993.

The year 1993 was a turning point in the activities of Stratus company, as it earned the title “The First Exporter of Technical and Engineering Services” in the history of Iranian engineering fields, by carrying out the Dalbandin-Nok Kundi road project in Pakistan; Since then, Stratus company, in addition to Iran, has carried out many projects in different countries such as Bangladesh, Yemen, Djibouti, Venezuela, Iraq and Ivory Coast, etc., which are geographically spread over the three continents of Asia, Africa and South America, and include projects for the construction of dams, roads, airports, parliamentary buildings and administrative, commercial and residential buildings, high-rise buildings, residential towns, power plants, water and sewerage projects, tunnels, large bridges and special-purpose bridges, etc. whose photos are displayed on this site.

  • Qom-Kashan highway
  • Esfarayen-Bojnourd road
  • Esfarayen – Sankhast road
  • Sultan Abad – Shafi Abad road
  • Dalbandi – Nokandi road in Pakistan
  • Haftgol – Baghmalek road
  • Karun 3 dam alternative route
  • Dhaka Road to Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh
  • Tehran-Pardis freeway tunnel
  • Haibat Sultan tunnel and road in Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Tunnel No. 3 of Taraz Pass variant
  • Al-Ferdows Residential Complex in Iraq
  • Basra Martyrs Town Building
  • Mehr Vavan housing residential towers
  • 7,000-unit housing project in Venezuela
  • Azad power plant – reservoir
  • Anuj water transfer tunnel to Qamroud
  • Baqalabad residential town project
  • Second lane of the Lordegan – Izeh road
  • Soheil residential project
  • Isfahan-Shiraz railway
  • Qazvin-Rasht railway
  • Rasht – Bandar Anzali railway
  • Arasbaran Dam
  • Talwar Dam
  • Azad dam
  • The Garmsiri Plan Project (tunnel crossing the dam)
  • Sokutra Island Airport in Yemen
  • Djibouti Parliament Building

Receiving the highest rank and classifications in various fields of engineering, reflects the successful expertise, experience and the growing trend of Stratus International Contracting Company over the years.

1Engineering, Procurement and Construction
1Water (dam, side services)
1buildings and structures
1Roads and transportation (bridge, tunnel, airport, road and railway)
1facilities and equipment
1field excavation
4industry and mining
5Oil & Gas

Stratus International Contracting Company is part of the Stratus Group holding, which has established companies and institutions in various fields such as banking, leasing, insurance and exchange, financing, trade, industry and tourism, and plays a primary role in private sector activities and job creation.