Message from the CEO

We are proud to have participated in the construction of our dear homeland for almost half a century. Although we stepped in not an easy path and had some hard times during these years, but the sweet taste of creation and making the world a better place was the reason to keep trying. Today, Stratus is a well-known contracting company in Iran and abroad and borders are not a barrier for creation and innovation to us anymore.

Not only our country’s development is a permanent mission of men and women working in Stratus, but exporting the engineering and technical services to other countries is a goal which stratus is the pioneer of it.

Indeed, Stratus International Contracting Company is the first company which, in its brilliant career in the construction industry, has striven to export engineering services abroad.

The export of engineering services has been going on since 1983 and the products of these glorious efforts can now be seen in Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Djibouti, Venezuela and Iraq.

The implementation of important national projects in the fields of roads, railways, buildings, dams, power plants and tunnels in tortuous and impassable areas and on roaring rivers, from central Iran to the most remote regions of the country, and also the expansion and export of Stratus scope of activities beyond Iran’s borders, undoubtedly result from the employers confidence in our company, and the fact that Stratus benefits from an dynamic and coherent organization.

Stratus International Contracting Company is the first and oldest member of Stratus Holding. A holding which, benefiting from the experiences and fruitful and productive activities of Stratus International Contracting Company in the construction field, is active in several other economic sectors; banking, trade, insurance, financing, leasing, export and import, etc. inside and outside Iran.

Stratus International Contracting Company has a bright and prosperous future, as its management firmly believes in having well-structured organization based on up-to-date global standards. In such a purposeful structure, the efforts of hardworking employees and experienced workers are joined with advanced knowledge to provide the highest quality of technical and engineering services.